Geotechnical Instrumentation and Monitoring

Geotechnical Instrumentation and Monitoring in Rockville, MD

Reliable information before, during and after the construction process is imperative to the outcome and sustainability of a development. EMC2 Inc. utilizes a full complement of geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring equipment—alongside invaluable industry knowledge—to supply the insights and feedback our clients require to ensure the success of their developments.

State-of-the-Art Instrumentation

We rely on state-of-the-art, precise instruments to provide pinpoint-accurate insights regarding specific geotechnical factors. Our instruments keep you and your team abreast of changing variables that may impact the feasibility of a development or the trajectory of specific phases. We make great efforts to stay at the forefront of monitoring technology.

Top-Notch Geotechnical Monitoring

Call on us to provide vital geotechnical monitoring services for everything from changing soil conditions to construction noise. Our capabilities allow us to provide real-time insights that enable rapid action, and we can relay information on-site or over digital channels, so you’re always in-the-know.

  • Inclinometers
  • Piezometers
  • Crack meters
  • Strain gauges
  • Accelerometers
  • Dial gauges
  • Vibration and noise monitors
    • Structure and ground movement monitoring by remote techniques, and reporting on the web
    • Foundation and structure settlement monitoring under poor soil conditions
    • Inclinometer installation and lateral ground movement monitoring during deep excavations
    • Piezometer installation and ground water monitoring
    • Load testing of structures and deep foundations
    • Monitoring during underpinning of structures
    • Condition survey of structures and crack monitoring

Static load testing of deep foundations

  • Dynamic deep foundation analysis and monitoring
  • Pile integrity testing (PIT) of auger cast piles
  • Construction noise monitoring
  • Vibration monitoring and analysis


We Keep You Informed and Actionable

Though we’re based out of Rockville, MD, our team of experts is certified to work across North Bethesda and Potomac, MD and the entire Eastern Region. Operating in such a wide range of environments has prepared us to solve any engineering, design or monitoring problem you might encounter. Since our founding in 1996, our tireless commitment to our clients has earned us a reputation as one of the most valued additions a rapidly evolving construction site. Contact us today at 301-424-8696 to learn more about our geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring capabilities, and how they affect the trajectory of your structural and civil design.