How Is the Engineering Industry Benefitting from 3D Modeling?

Wondering if you should integrate 3D modeling technology into your engineering practice? Whether you work as a structural engineer or a product designer, this technology is crucial for virtually every step of the design process. Here are just some of the engineering benefits you’ll experience when using 3D modeling technology.

Promotes efficiency in design

One of the primary engineering benefits of 3D modeling technology is that it makes the design iteration process much more efficient. Put simply, it saves the client time and money. 3D modeling software, including CAD, makes it easy for engineers and designers to check, test and revise each component of a building, structure or product before entering the building or production phase. There’s less of a chance that your team will need to go back to the drawing board and start a design from scratch, since you’re able to check out your designs from virtually any angle, helping you spot problem areas much more quickly than you would with a general 2D design or drawing.

Improves precision in design

There are benefits to 3D modeling that occur even before the design stage. 3D scanning and modeling software can be used to create incredibly precise and detailed virtual spaces, helping you make sure all parts of your product or structure will fit together and work together perfectly.

Improves designs for manufacturing

3D modeling is much more efficient than 2D modeling when it comes to manufacturing a product. A 3D model gets the quality of your design across more effectively, helping you remove inconsistencies in ideation. Using these models to examine linear and geometric tolerances can assist engineering firms and improve the manufacturing process.

Speeds up the iteration process

The longer designs stay in your head or on paper, the slower the design and iteration process will be. Whether you’re a structural engineer or an industrial designer, clients want near-instant results, and there’s no time to be wasted. As a general rule, 3D modeling speeds up the entire iteration process, helping you create a finished, market-ready product much faster than any other method. You’ll have faster product approval and be able to fully demonstrate the scope and functionality of a project for any stakeholders.

Crosses borders of nationality and language

In today’s global economy, country-specific standards and language are a very important consideration in the design and engineering field. 3D CAD modeling software makes it easy for structural or product engineers to comply with international codes and standards. In addition, the visual nature of 3D modeling makes design work much more accessible to international teams. It makes it much easier on international team members, stakeholders or clients as they look for key design information in your work.

There are many benefits to using 3D modeling in an engineering practice. In fact, your business can’t afford not to invest in this modern technology. Contact the team at Emc2 Inc. to learn more about how 3D modeling is completely changing the game for the engineering industry, as well as other related sectors.