The Importance of Geotechnical Engineering

If you’re not familiar with the purpose of geotechnics, you may not comprehend its significance. You may wonder, “Why is geotechnical engineering important?” The fact is, this field is crucial to the stability of structures worldwide. Without it, many projects would not be possible. Others would fail due to poor construction or quickly deteriorate over time (just take a look at the Leaning Tower of Pisa).

To fully appreciate the purpose of geotechnics, consider the following benefits it offers. A quick review of these factors will make it clear why geotechnical engineering is important for projects all around the world.

What it is

Geotechnical engineering is the application of soil and rock principles to the design of foundations and structures. It uses these mechanics to work with natural elements and structures to safely build a wide range of projects.

Why it’s essential

One of the main purposes of geotechnics is to make a project safe. Without proper principles to follow when constructing structures such as mines, buildings, dams, dikes and a host of other sites, these projects would lack safe design. If the principles of geotechnical engineering are not applied, structures fail or crumble, foundations may shift and earth structures won’t provide the necessary stability to stand the test of time.

Any of these scenarios can result in disaster. Fortunately, applying geotechnical engineering, technicians, engineers and contractors can create a structure that is solid and safe. They can rest assured that they have applied the necessary theories, principles and mathematics to calculate appropriate sizes, slopes, pressures and other important factors to create a stable structure.

Closely related to this safety benefit of geotechnical engineering is the risk management aspect of the field. Going into a project, investors must be reassured that any risk involved is worth potential gains. By applying the principles of geotechnical engineering, project managers can reduce the risks involved. This can increase profits and make more projects possible.

A third benefit of geotechnical engineering is advancement. Due to new insights provided by this field of study, structures can be improved over time. Operations can become more efficient and productive. Technicians can build things more efficiently and provide better ROI for a variety of projects.

Who to trust

Of course, not all professionals have the same level of expertise in geotechnical engineering. To fully reap the benefits of these applications, it is important to work with experts in this field. Be sure to partner with professionals who have in-depth understanding of the purpose of geotechnics and a track record of success at applying these principles.

Partner with the pros

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