Different Types of Civil Engineering

If you’ve ever driven down a public road, enjoyed running water or walked across a bridge, you’ve benefited from the work of a civil engineer. Civil engineering jobs in Rockville, MD center around public works and infrastructure. There are several different types of civil engineering, all of which have their own specialties and subtypes. Here are some of the most common types of civil engineering.

Environmental engineering

Environmental engineering studies how different projects may affect the natural environment, and what can be done to reduce their impact. Environmental engineers might examine specific areas like impacts on noise pollution, endangered species, water pollution, air quality and more. When you want to ensure that your next construction project has a minimal environmental impact, hire an environmental engineering firm.

Environmental engineers achieve these goals in a number of different ways. For example, they might study soil, groundwater and erosion, help governmental oversight committees understand a project’s impact or work to find solutions to reduce water, air and noise pollution. Some environmental engineers specialize in protecting endangered species. Finding a way to build a project and protect the environment at the same time can be quite a challenge.

Structural engineering

When you drive across a bridge, you trust that it can bear your car’s weight—along with the weight of numerous other cars at any given time. You can thank a structural engineer every time you cross safely. They’re responsible for assessing and designing projects that can stand up to the environment, human use, natural disasters and more.

Structural engineers handle everything from roads and highway overpasses to bridges, tunnels and buildings. Working with a structural engineer guarantees your project will be safe to use and will stand the test of time.

Transportation engineering

Transportation engineers oversee, design and analyze any type of transportation-related structure. That includes air, water and ground travel—but it can also include aerospace travel, too. Your public transportation and roads were probably designed by a transportation engineer—so are airports and ocean and river ports. Even your town’s stoplights and intersections can (and likely did) benefit from a transportation engineer’s expertise.

Water and wastewater engineering

Finally, water and wastewater engineering helps ensure that everyone has access to clean water and sewer systems. (Unless, of course, you live far off the grid.) Water engineers have to design systems that meet environmental as well as health and safety standards. This might include designing irrigation systems, wastewater plants and collection facilities.

You may have noticed that some of these types of civil engineering in Rockville, MD and their job duties overlap. That’s not unusual—and you might need to hire several types of engineers on any given project. Their expertise will ensure that you get a durable, stable result, with a minimal impact on the environment.

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