What Is Civil Engineering? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Have you worked with a civil engineer before? If not, it’s wise to learn more about these professionals. Civil engineers are responsible for working on public works projects, like transportation, infrastructure, bridges, water systems, government buildings and more. If your firm is working on one of these projects, you will more than likely work with civil engineers in Rockville, MD.

Education and background

Civil engineers have, at minimum, a four-year degree in engineering, although they may have additional certifications beyond their degree. Much of their education focuses on math, statistics, fluid dynamics (depending on their specialty), engineering systems and mechanics and more. Their coursework not only includes classroom studies, but laboratories and supervised fieldwork. Graduate degrees and additional certifications are often required for senior positions and specializations.

Licensing requirements vary from state to state, and civil engineers in Rockville, MD are often employed by various levels of government, or private firms who work on public works projects.

What civil engineers do

Here is an overview of what civil engineers do:
Freshwater and wastewater systems: Every time you turn on the tap, you can thank a civil engineer. These professionals design freshwater delivery systems, sewage and wastewater systems, dams, levees and other water-related projects.

Transportation systems: Transportation systems involve a lot more than building roads from point A to point B. Civil engineers are required to study the flow of traffic, then build systems that can handle current traffic, potential expansion and population growth. They need to work around natural landscapes and obstacles, while also protecting as much of the environment as possible.

General construction and design projects: Perhaps most commonly, civil engineers work on general construction and design projects like public buildings. They use their specialized knowledge to make efficient buildings that meet all federal, state and local building code standards. Civil engineers may design the project, or supervise and manage construction. Often, this includes writing proposals, technical reports and status updates. They can also provide cost estimates and formulate budgets for certain projects, depending on what the firm requires.

Major construction projects: Civil engineers may also be tapped to oversee major construction projects, like large office complexes, nuclear power plants, land surveys and other large undertakings.


Civil engineers are a crucial part of any public works project, but it’s not just a matter of design and building. Think of them as problem solvers: the government will tell them that they need a certain project done, with a certain budget. It’s the civil engineer’s job to deliver a design and construction plan that accomplishes all of those goals, including efficiency and room for future growth. They will probably spend at least half of their time on the worksite, overseeing the project and addressing any issues that arise during construction.

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