Geotechnical Instrumentation and Monitoring

An array of precise instruments comprising of inclinometers, piezometers, extensometers, crack meters, strain gages, accelerometers, dial gages hydraulic jacks vibration and noise monitors, and web based remote monitoring.

  • Structure and ground movement monitoring by remote techniques, and publishing on the web.
  • Foundation and structure settlement monitoring under poor soil conditions.
  • Inclinometer installation and lateral ground movement monitoring during deep excavations.
  • Piezometer installation and ground water monitoring.
  • Static and dynamic load testing of structures and deep foundations.
  • Monitoring during underpinning of structures.
  • Pre- and post-construction condition survey of structures.
  • Crack monitoring.
  • Dynamic deep foundation analysis and monitoring (PDA).
  • Pile integrity testing (PIT) of auger cast piles.
  • Construction noise monitoring.
  • Vibration monitoring and analysis.

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