Geotechnical Analysis and Design

Geotechnical engineering related to soil behavior, soil properties, recommendation of design soil parameters, and design of structures considering soil-structure interaction.

  • Evaluation of soil parameters for design, evaluation of forces imposed on structures by soil and other in-situ materials.
  • Analysis and design of underground structures, mass transit, tunnels, shafts and tunnel liners.
  • Analysis and design of buried flexible and rigid piping and utility structures.
  • Design of high capacity shallow and deep foundations, finite element analysis of mat foundations.
  • Slope stability analysis of simple slopes, complex slopes and global stability analysis of deep braced excavations.
  • Settlement analysis.
  • Static and dynamic analysis of deep foundations (PDA), capacity analysis of deep foundations, load testing of shallow and deep foundations.
  • WEAP pileĀ  drivability analysis of steel and concrete piles, hammer efficiency and capacity determination.
  • Pile Integrity Testing (PIT) of auger-cast piles.
  • Analysis and design of high capacity tieback retention systems, soldier piles and sheet piling, slurry walls, tangent pile walls, and soil-cement mixed systems.
  • Mechanically stabilized (MSE) walls.
  • Soil and rock support, soil nailing and rock anchors.
  • Dewatering system analysis and design.
  • Flexible and rigid pavement analysis and design.
  • Forensic investigations.

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